What I learned from going blind in space

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by
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Astronaut Chris Hadfield, recently returned from a 6-month stint on the International Space Station, gives a TED talk in which he discusses fear and one way to overcome it.  Rather than pretend risk doesn’t exist, in a very personal story Chris places risk in the context of the rewards to be gained — sometimes you just gotta deal with it to achieve what you want to in life.

A wonderful quote from this talk:

There is no problem so bad that I can’t make it worse…

Most of you know the amazing flight safety statistics of modern air travel, even if you find that knowledge of limited help. Despite this, I think you will find Chris’s discussion of space-flight safety statistics interesting. Highly recommended viewing…

Chris Hadfield is perhaps the most engaging astronaut ever, with a strong social media presence often involving zero-G science experiments (and the occasional piece of music).  For those that don’t know, Chris first recorded the song he does in the TED talk on his last day in space…

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