The Amazing Jet Engine

Posted on: November 28th, 2014 by

You might enjoy this promo video from a jet engine manufacturer, showing some of the certification testing they must do before their engines are allowed on an airliner.

I hadn’t seen this one before… I found particularly interesting the water and hail testing. The engine handles 4 and a half tonnes of water per minute going in the front without even a hiccup. Awesome technology, isn’t it?

Gives you that warm-and-cuddly feeling, right? So too will the Fear Dragons “Travel Lovey”, the PERFECT Christmas gift for your fearful-flying loved ones or for yourself if you are forced to fly these holidays…

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2 Responses to The Amazing Jet Engine

  1. Eric Simmons had this to say about that:

    Hello Doug,

    Since last we spoke 2 yrs ago, I wanted to update you of a small change to the link to my website. I sold It’s broken link now. I switched everything to I appreciate it if you can update the change. Thanks ! Once again good luck with your book.
    First Officer Eric Simmons,

    • admin had this to say about that:

      Thanks for letting me know Eric… I have updated your Links listing.

      And, of course, best wishes with the app! (I haven’t been able to see it myself yet as it isn’t available in the Australia app store. No surprise, I guess, given it uses US data).


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