Are You Afraid of Flying?

Posted on: December 16th, 2011 by

Fear of Flying is one of the most common fears of the modern world. It is estimated that more than one in six people are afraid of flying, and half of these people will not fly at all. The others will fly, occasionally, but hate it.

It is clear that if YOU are afraid of flying you are not alone.

Dragons of Thin Air: A Most Unusual Fear of Flying Course is a self-help book for anyone who likes information delivered in a different way wrapped up in a little bit of fun. Written by an airline pilot and aviation educator in conjuction with a Fear of Flying psychologist, Dragons of Thin Air is packed with good info that you need to know to combat your fear, presented in a light-hearted way that cuts through the mumbo jumbo.


If you, or someone you know, is afraid to fly or just a little nervous about flying, this is the book for you.