Flight Tracking

Posted on: January 9th, 2012 by
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There are some great online resources available these days for following flights in the air, while you are on the ground. Whether it’s just keeping an eye on the whereabouts of a flying friend, or just watching the skies with interest, these tracking sites are really interesting.

We’ve recently added one such service to this website… we’ve embedded the terrific PlaneFinder.net tracking page to our website… here.

ADS-B is and advanced navigation/communication system that the airlines have been installing over the last few years, allowing better information to be provided to Air Traffic Control, and therefore safer management of air traffic. It is terrific technology, and one of the nice side benefits is that it allows us — in some parts of the world — to view the same kinds of information that Air Traffic Control gets.

Check it out, and if you want more information about how ADS-B works, there is a Wikipedia link on that page too.