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Some audio resources that may be of interest…

Dragons of Thin Air audio promo (2013)

An entertaining and relaxing discussion which aired in late 2013 on the fabulous Xtended Aviation Podcast in the UK. Bear in mind that the audience for this piece were not fearful flyers, but aviation enthusiasts. Seems like a strange bunch to talk to about Fear of Flying? Maybe not as strange as you might think… The piece is introduced by the podcast host Pieter Johnson as part of the show’s “12 Days of Christmas” award episode.

(A special thanks to the podcast producer Pieter Johnson and XTP Media for permission to play this piece in it’s entirety. Pieter has been a huge supporter of our efforts in educating about and destigmatising Fear of Flying. If you want to learn more about aviation you couldn’t do better than listen to their monthly show. You can subscribe to the Xtended podcast on iTunes.  Erratum: Doug is not a Captain.)



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