What’s in the Book?

Posted on: December 16th, 2011 by

In Dragons of Thin Air you will join the Walkers, a family of fearful flyers who attend a very unusual Fear of Flying course. You will also meet a very strange course presenter who knows all about fear. Felix, a Fear Dragon by trade, has put his past behind him and is now helping humans come to terms with their fear of flying.

In this easy-to-read “Most Unusual Fear of Flying Course” Felix
covers a wide range of need-to-know topics:

  • 1: Some People Are Afraid to Fly
  • Psychology 101
  • 2: Fear and Anxiety
  • Questions About Anxiety
  • 3: Artistry of the Mind
  • Automatic Responses
  • 4: Mind Weather
  • A Relaxing Break
  • 5: Changing Your Beliefs
  • Grand Pronouncements
  • 6: Lies
  • Discussion About Lies
  • 7: Air is Real
  • Respect for the Air
  • 8: A Very Dangerous Experiment
  • Distrust of Machines
  • 9: Planes Are Safe
  • Number One on the Fear List
  • 10: Turbulence
  • Queasy Guts
  • 11: F-F-Freakouts!
  • Numbers
  • Noises Make Pictures
  • 12: What’s That Noise?
  • Puppetry
  • 13: You Are In Control
  • Maximising Safety
  • 14: Where To From Here?
  • Course Wrap-Up
  • Appendix – Dragon Slayers


Dragons of Thin Air is 218 pages in length but you need not be concerned… 180+ illustrations bring the text to life and make for a book that will amuse and delight you. Better than that, you will also acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence that get you back into the air again with a smile.

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