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These resources are not affiliated with Dragons of Thin Air in any way. These links are provided as information only and we do not endorse any resource listed here… Do your own research, beware of hard-sell, and choose information that suits YOU!


  • Fly Away Fear: Overcoming Your Fear of Flying – Written by Elaine Iljon Foreman and Lucas van Gerwen of the VALK Foundation.  Also available directly from VALK website.  Dutch, Italian, Portugese versions available… enquire directly with VALK.
  • Flying Without Fear – 101 Questions Answered Written by Richard Conway and Paul Tizzard from Virgin Atlantic’s “Flying Without Fear” course, this is a very accessible and useful book. Click the link to read the review we did of it on the Junior Flyer website.
  • Flying in the Comfort Zone Written by Michael P. Tomaro, well illustrated with clear and well tested info. Visit the author’s website for more info.



Sleigh your fear dragon!




These links are included for information only and are not intended to mean or imply an endorsement of any particular course, product or service. These websites and courses are not associated with Dragons of Thin Air. Do your own research, ask any questions you like, and find the answer that best suits you!