Flight Tracking

Posted on: January 9th, 2012 by

Air Traffic: [geocity], [geocountry]

This display is provided courtesy of the PlaneFinder.net website, a free service which displays aircraft positions based on ADS-B broadcasts by aircraft (Wikipedia link). Not all aircraft positions are shown (ADS-B transmitters are not installed in all aircraft), and not all areas are displayed (not all areas have ADS-B ground receivers).


  • Click on an aircraft symbol to get airline and flight data about that aircraft.
  • You can zoom in to see a closeup of the airport. Note that the satellite view of the Earth is NOT a real time images, but comes from the Google database.
  • You can zoom out and drag the map to find other locations of interest.
  • Just because you cannot see an aircraft DOES NOT mean there is a problem! Radio receiver coverage for this free service is very patchy… limited coverage over oceans, Asia, Africa etc. (Air Traffic Control have full coverage, but the airlines pay big money for this service!)